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Unique dog collars and leashes for all shapes and sizes!

Not your average collar!

Company Overview

Caninus, the band, began in 2001, as the first pitbull-fronted grindcore band ever.

After releasing a CD and several split 7"s, singers Budgie & Basil, decided to start their own line of collars in 2007, using more extreme designs to reflect the style of music they played.

All collars are hand made by Rachel Rosen with all welded metal hardware and contoured plastic buckles, for added comfort. Collars made with fabric may have a slightly different look than the picture. Caninus Collars launched a new line of band collars in Dec of 2015. Each collar is made to order.

Everything is hand made and QC tested on Gizmo, Tex, & Budgie

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Bronx's Crippled Earn come blazing out of the gates with their debut EP, Swine. The lyrics are not sugar coated in any way. They portray the hardships of living in a time and place where most hope is lost. "This is not the promised land, it's a cesspool, disease ridden bed of filth" is a lyric off the opening track " Self Worthless". Crippled Earn’s passionate delivery and pull-no-punches approach is fed out of constructive anger—one which embodies change— and a desire for something more. The songs on Swine represent hardships that many go through every day and what life is like growing up and living in a big city like New York, Swine is a fast-paced EP full of quarrel and quandary with a working class feel.

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Get Involved!

The band was originally the brainchild of guitarist Todd Weinstock (Glassjaw) and Lars Weiss (Judge) who enlisted his pals guitarist Brian Deneeve (From Autumn To Ashes) and drummer Tucker Rule (Thursday). However it wasn't until the addition of frontman Derrick Karg-Zamudio and bassist Marcus Russell Price (who joined the fold once Weiss parted ways with the band) that Get Involved! as we know it came into existence—and from the moment they played their first note together, the group immediately knew they were onto something special.

"We all toured together through our prior projects and basically grew up together on the road during our second childhood," Weinstock explains. "We always talked about doing bands together and it's finally come together and the timing worked out to make it a reality." While the members have gone on to do various projects such as Weinstock's disco-influenced act Men, Women & Children and Deneeve and Rule's current role as live musicians for the boy band The Wanted, they never abandoned their love of heavier music and the spirit it embodies. "No matter how old you are if you came from where we came from you can't lose that," says Rule.

That DIY ethic is represented in the way Get Involved! approach everything from their music to the manufacturing of it, which is evidenced by their decision to go directly to their fans via Kickstarter to fund this EP, which was produced in Venice by legendary producer Ross Robinson (At The Drive-In, The Cure). "I worked with Ross on both Glassjaw albums and he's been a great friend and huge part of my life since then so he wanted to be on board from the beginning," Weinstock explains. "We just didn't want to go the same route that we took with our previous bands so we asked for just enough to cover expenses and put that money toward awesome incentives like special vinyl for our supporters."

While Get Involved!'s roots lie in aggressive music, the band were conscious to avoid relying on the formulaic trappings of punk/hardcore in favor of creating a progressive brand of music that transcends the genre while still implementing the stylistic hallmarks that have endeared them to fans over the years. From the catchy catharsis of "Serenity Now" to the syncopated sing-along "Paint It Gold," these four songs showcase how much each player has progressed since their previous acts and listeners who aren't familiar with Karg-Zamudio will literally be blown away by the acrobatic power of his distinctive pipes as it rises above the pummeling instrumentation.

"With this project the music comes first; I hear the part and if it resonates a melody comes to me," Karg-Zamudio says of his creative process. "Nothing is premeditated and it's surprising what comes out sometimes as far as the unconscious thoughts that are hidden but important." Robinson was undoubtedly a huge catalyst for Karg-Zamudio's insights and at one point he even tried to take the singer out into the middle of the ocean at night to free dive. While Karg-Zamudio never made it underwater, those types of unorthodox experiences forced all of the members of Get Involved! to confront their own personal demons and pull something out of them that they didn't even know existed in the process.

"Working with Ross was super intense in the sense that he breaks you down to your most basic form and it's your job to build yourself back up and get the take," Rule confirms. "During this recording process we weren't only physically exhausted but mentally drained . He really wants to get you to the point where most people would give up and say they want to start over tomorrow but you're locked in the recording booth and you have to dig deep to pull the take out of you," he continues. "I didn't realize it at the time but it's like conquering something and I think you can hear that spirt in all of these songs."

From the Snapcase-inspired post-hardcore drive of "Let Your Guard Down" to the alternately captivating and crushing nature of "Apathy," this EP showcases the various sides of Get Involved! and is precursor to what these seasoned musicians are like onstage. "The live show is where we give three million percent because with this type of music you can't help but throw yourself into it or not do it at all," Rule explains. "It feels like we've all been playing together much longer than we have," Weinstock summarizes, adding that the band will be touring and working on a full-length in 2014. "It already sounds like we've been through a war together and we're just getting started."

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Indecision was a prolific hardcore band which was started in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn in 1993 and officially disbanded in the summer of 2000 though they still play shows occasionally for charity.
Indecision is known for their song "Hallowed be Thy Name". The song features the lyric "For those I love, I will sacrifice" that fans across the world have turned into a tattoo. Most famously, the image of the tattoo on the ribs of a 19-year-old US Army Infantryman named Kyle Hockenberry being treated in a medevac helicopter following an explosion that cost him both of his legs and one arm. The photo was taken for a military newspaper and went on to win photographer Laura Rauch an award from the Society of Professional Journalists. The lyric's popularity with members of the armed forces surprised some of the band's fans; the full line being, "for those I love I will sacrifice, not for those I've never seen."

Formed in 1993 in Brooklyn, NY, disbanded summer 2000 in El Paso, TX. Notorious for their tireless work ethic, Indecision toured the world until exhaustion, literally. They released three full length albums, as well as countless 7"s and EPs. Took pages from Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front and the Cro-Mags as well as the West coast sounds of Unbroken, Undertow and Outspoken and created a sound of their own. Indecision is revered for their uncompromising integrity. Inspired some, hated by many but ultimately respected by all.

The band members—guitarist Justin Brannan drummer Pat Flynn, bassist Steve Bago and vocalist Tom Sheehan (who was replaced by Artie Phillie in 1998) -- met while attending Xaverian High School in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn. The band added second guitarist Rachel Rosen after having met her while performing live on her infamous WNYU radio show, Crucial Chaos, in 1996.
Initially Indecision played mostly in local clubs. Over time, a lot of the venues in their neighborhood closed down, which prompted them to take a larger step and lead to the bands integration into the New York City hardcore scene. In the early days, the band would often show up to gigs all in one car, with their equipment tied to the roof with Bungee cords.

Relentless recording and touring kept the band relevant long after many of their contemporaries faded away. Inspired by bands like Black Flag, Indecision embarked on voracious trailblazing tours, and it became their trademark usually spending a solid 9 to 10 months a year on the road. They were dubbed "The Working Man's Band" for their affinity to tour cities and countries that other bands wouldn't dare.

Indecision was the first American band to play in Croatia (Zagreb) after the Croatian War of Independence ended in 1995

Records and labels

The band released their first recording in 1993 on a 7-inch released by R.P.P., a then small Belgian hardcore label. Over the next 7 years, Indecision would tally over a dozen 7-inch singles on a number of different labels, including many limited color vinyl and special edition covers. The band got known on a very grassroots word-of-mouth level from New York City to Thailand, where Indecision remains one of the most popular underground American bands to this day.
In 1996 they signed with WreckAge/Exit Records family and would release 3 albums with the label over the next 3 years: "Unorthodox", "Most Precious Blood" and "To Live and Die in New York City", all of which showed off their slightly metal-tinged brand of thought-provoking hardcore (which managed to express anger and injustice without being hateful).

To Live and Die in New York City
In 1998, "To Live and Die in New York City" was their first album to feature the polarizing Artie Phillie on vocals (whom the band befriended and poached from noise-crust-punk labelmates, Milhouse), but the album retained the straight-ahead style that their other releases possessed.
The album featured an eerily prophetic manipulated photo of the Manhattan skyline, including the World Trade Center, completely engulfed in flames. Post-September 11 the album cover was banned in many places.

The song "Purgatory" features an audio sample about the Union Carbide tragedy in Bhopal, India. In December 1984, a gas leak at a Union Carbide India Limited plant in Bhopal, India, results in tragic loss of life in what is known as the Bhopal disaster, when up to 20,000 people lost their lives.[10]

Release the Cure
In 1999 they tried their luck at another label, putting out Release the Cure on M.I.A. Records (and on Overcome Records in Europe). This, arguably their most highly acclaimed album, would be their last.
The lyrical content was notably more socio-political with songs questioning the government and health care and conspiracy theories in regard to AIDS and cancer research. It was the first album recorded with full songs with singer Artie...formerly of the band Milhouse. Tom Sheehan was singer previous and now for Most Precious Blood

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Boston's Longshot return with orginal vocalist Rob Nordberg. Longshot formed in 2008 and over four years shared the stage with the Likes of H2O, Terror, Defeater, Your Demise, Trapped Under Ice etc. The band quickly built a following in the north east. After relentlessly playing and touring in 2011 vocalist Rob Nordberg decided to leave the band resulting in the bands hiatus in 2012. In mid 2013 Longshot decided to record 4 new songs. MorseCode Recordings jumped on board to help the band release the 7 inch entitled IV. The digital download of the record includeds Longshot's complete discography.

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Formed in 2010 in the dense woods of Connecticut, Manners self released two EP's. Manners, released Apparitions and Escapism via MorseCode Recordings in the summer of 2012. The 12″ vinyl and CD includes a re-recorded version of the Escapism EP from 2010, as well as 2011′s Apparitions EP, complete with a pair of new songs. The re-record of Escapism took place in an old country farmhouse in Connecticut, too! That’s what makes Manners so real and so raw.

In 2011, the band found itself performing on the Break Thru Stage in Mansfield, MA at "The Warped Tour" and has been announced to play April 21st at this year's "New England Metal & Hardcore Festival" in Worcester, MA along with Bane, Cruel Hand, The Greenery and many more.

In 2013 Manners entered the studio to start work on the Pale Blue Light record.

On Jan 1st 2014 Manners released the song "Wallflower" from the record Pale Blue Light

Pale Blue Light will be released on vinyl in April 2014

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MCR was started in the winter 2010 by Derek A. Morse & Rachel Rosen of Most Precious Blood / Indecision / The Wage of Sin / Milhouse, SFA . The label's first release was announced on X-mas eve with one post on the bands social media sites that Most Precious Blood's "do not resuscitate" was available after a 5 year hold up from the bands label Bullet Tooth Records.

We can't hold a mp3, We can't read a mp3, We don't care about a mp3's. We actually like holding a record/cd & reading the liner notes on who did what on a release. We also like hearing new bands.

If you would like to send a us a press kit please do so, just ask for the address. Or digital kits can be emailed to

You can also find our records @ RevHQ, Hostile City Inc, Hot Topic

Derek Morse is the President of MorseCode Recordings & MorseCode Productions. Prior to founding MorseCode, Derek established himself in the CT hardcore scene. He founded Demonic Productions, a promotions and booking service for bands at the Hanover House from 1996-2000 in Meriden, CT He booked bands such as Staind, God Forbid, Unearth, Chimaira, Dillenger Escape Plan, Right Brigade, Fastbreak, Blood Has Been Shed, Crisis, Candiria, Divided by Hate, Indecision, Hatebreed, Gargantua Soul, Cable, Reach the Sky, Fear Tomorrow, Buried Alive, Skarhead, District 9, Irate, Shutdown, Voice of Reason, Marauder, 25 Ta Life, Sum of All Fears, Cave In, Blood for Blood, All Out War, Death Threat, 100 Demons, Skycamefalling, Higher Force, Section 8, Wrench in the Works, N.R.S.V, Mans Ruin, GroundZero, The Hoods, Where Fear & Weapons Meet, Bad Luck 13 Riot Extrazaganza, E-town Concrete, etc.....

In addition, he formed Demonic Records and Distribution, an independent label and distribution company for various local & national bands in the underground hardcore scene. Both Demonic entities were run out of an apartment in Meriden, with a D.I.Y hands on work ethic and a tight knit group of friends. He also helped out Jamey Jasta with his promotions and booking company in the 90's (former host of Headbangers Ball (MTV), singer for Hatebreed and owner of Stillborn Records and Hateware).

Feb 2002 - Derek moved to New York and somehow fell into the position of manager of Film Friends, a production rental and film service company. The owner of Film Friends, Mik Cribben is a union member and worked on various films including Oliver Stone’s “Wallstreet.” Mik Cribben collaborated with then Intern and N.Y.U. student, Brett Ratner, producer of “Rush Hour 3” and producer/director of “X-Men: The Last Stand.” Mik shot Brett’s “Whatever Happened to Mason Reese,” Bret’s senior thesis short film at N.Y.U., which Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment backed with surprise funding.

Taking the knowledge Derek had gained concerning many aspects of the film industry, Derek moved forward and founded MorseCode Productions in 2004. Derek started MorseCode in order to have more creative control of the projects that he worked on and is involved with. Through MorseCode, Derek produced & directed the short film "Counting to Infinity" and the feature length documentary " Indecision -What it Once Meant "

MorseCode Recordings was born in DEC of the bitterly cold winter of 2010

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We are Most Precious Blood. We are a hardcore band.

Vocals: Rob Fusco
Guitar: Justin Brannan
Guitar: Rachel Rosen
Drums: Colin
Bass: Matty Miller

No one means more to New York City than Most Precious Blood and nothing is more important to Most Precious Blood than being from New York City. This band is carrying Gotham City Hardcore into the next generation.

From their lyrics and music straight down to their stark black and white aesthetics, you know where Most Precious Blood is from and where they stand. Their take-no-shit work ethic has become notorious and remains unparalleled. They are frighteningly focused and their touring schedule would even make Black Flag shudder.

Most Precious Blood began in Brooklyn, New York during the summer of 2000 as a continuation of recently imploded Indecision; the former band of founding members Justin Brannan and Rachel Rosen. But as years went by, Most Precious Blood became its own animal with a new vision. MPB have created a unique style, which joins the intensity and rage of their NYHC mentors (Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front and the Cro-Mags) along with the dark and depressing aesthetics of bands like Sisters of Mercy and The Cure. Haunting melodies and heavier-than-gravity riffs have become Most Precious Blood's modus operandi.

Most Precious Blood pride themselves on being musicians, which to them means being a fan of all styles of music. "As a musician I can find something to appreciate in just about any style you can throw at me". MPB have always worn their influences on their sleeves and have always preached the importance of knowing and embracing your "roots". "Our Lady" gives musical nods to everyone from Sick Of It All to Bauhaus, so listen close.

The band is now better than ever with Rob Fusco (ex- One King Down) on vocals. Rob joined the band in early 2003. Rob's unbridled energy and passion is a perfect fit for this band that was already boiling over with intensity.

The members of MPB are dedicated to their craft and still embrace a real hands on DIY ethic, an ethic they grew up on. Justin designs and Rachel screens most of the bands t-shirts, runs the bands website, she also plays in an all girl hardcore/metal band called the Wage of Sin, when she's not busy doing that, she spends time at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner doing autopsies in NYC. The band is involved with PETA and the ASPCA, distributing literature at their shows and spreading the message. Guitarist Justin has played in NYHC bands since he was 14 years old, when MPB isn't touring Justin is voicing commercials for radio stations in NYC. Vocalist Rob Fusco left his job as a chess instructor before joining Most Precious Blood. -

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The May 4th Massacre

It’s really not their fault.

No parent wants their children to grow up and be musicians. No loving parent would wish that on any child. Music. I shudder. Awful way to make a living. I was hoping I would have a child that would maybe be a factory worker, or gutter cleaner. You know, honest livings.

Not wading through the sewage of the music business.

When you hold your newborn boy, did you look in his eyes and yearn for the day when he would do his first go-jump?

Of course not. You aren’t weird.

But I guess when your earliest memory is your car seat bumping up against a full stack on the way to your daddy’s show with the Bouncing Souls, you really kinda have a path assigned to you. A destiny, so to speak. A sad precursor to destruction. And it’s not a straight path to a Chemical Engineering degree at the University of Delaware.

So there is this band, The May 4th Massacre. They are from Newark, De. They play a type of music that can best be described as “post-metal-hardcore” I guess. Maybe post-hardcore-metal? That’s what old guys like me call it, you know, guys that don’t know any cooler way of describing it.

They say the world is cyclical, or whatever.

Years ago Nathan and I started BoySetsFire. We played some shows, put out some records, had a good time. We had kids around the same time, they were best friends, we used to joke that someday they would have a band together.

Well guess what? They did. Or they do.

Oddly enough, musically it is a mix of brutality and beauty. I don’t know where they got that. Lyrically, they run the gamut from tender-hearted to politically savvy. Hmmmmmm…

Great drumming, technical guitars and throaty screaming mix with tender heart on your sleeve vocals and create songs that are both catchy and mosh-inducing. These kids know their way around a breakdown.

They have been in my basement for a couple years now and I would really like them to get out of it. So if you have a second check em out. They rock.

They were raised that way.

-Joshua Latshaw

The video for The May 4th Massacre's song "Traitors" ran on MTV europe, MTV South America, Fuse, Much Music in Canada. The video was also FUSE's video of the day on 5/19/11. After touring w/ bands like Defeater, Dr Acula, BoySetsFire and playing a sold out show at The Studio@Webster Hall in New York City direct support for the major label band DOPE. The May 4th Massacre went on infinite hiatus in the fall of 2013

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