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MCR was started in the winter 2010 by Derek A. Morse & Rachel Rosen of Most Precious Blood / Indecision / The Wage of Sin / Milhouse, SFA . The label's first release was announced on X-mas eve with one post on the bands social media sites that Most Precious Blood's "do not resuscitate" was available after a 5 year hold up from the bands label Bullet Tooth Records.

We can't hold a mp3, We can't read a mp3, We don't care about a mp3's. We actually like holding a record/cd & reading the liner notes on who did what on a release. We also like hearing new bands.

If you would like to send a us a press kit please do so, just ask for the address. Or digital kits can be emailed to

You can also find our records @ RevHQ, Hostile City Inc, Hot Topic

Derek Morse is the President of MorseCode Recordings & MorseCode Productions. Prior to founding MorseCode, Derek established himself in the CT hardcore scene. He founded Demonic Productions, a promotions and booking service for bands at the Hanover House from 1996-2000 in Meriden, CT He booked bands such as Staind, God Forbid, Unearth, Chimaira, Dillenger Escape Plan, Right Brigade, Fastbreak, Blood Has Been Shed, Crisis, Candiria, Divided by Hate, Indecision, Hatebreed, Gargantua Soul, Cable, Reach the Sky, Fear Tomorrow, Buried Alive, Skarhead, District 9, Irate, Shutdown, Voice of Reason, Marauder, 25 Ta Life, Sum of All Fears, Cave In, Blood for Blood, All Out War, Death Threat, 100 Demons, Skycamefalling, Higher Force, Section 8, Wrench in the Works, N.R.S.V, Mans Ruin, GroundZero, The Hoods, Where Fear & Weapons Meet, Bad Luck 13 Riot Extrazaganza, E-town Concrete, etc.....

In addition, he formed Demonic Records and Distribution, an independent label and distribution company for various local & national bands in the underground hardcore scene. Both Demonic entities were run out of an apartment in Meriden, with a D.I.Y hands on work ethic and a tight knit group of friends. He also helped out Jamey Jasta with his promotions and booking company in the 90's (former host of Headbangers Ball (MTV), singer for Hatebreed and owner of Stillborn Records and Hateware).

Feb 2002 - Derek moved to New York and somehow fell into the position of manager of Film Friends, a production rental and film service company. The owner of Film Friends, Mik Cribben is a union member and worked on various films including Oliver Stone’s “Wallstreet.” Mik Cribben collaborated with then Intern and N.Y.U. student, Brett Ratner, producer of “Rush Hour 3” and producer/director of “X-Men: The Last Stand.” Mik shot Brett’s “Whatever Happened to Mason Reese,” Bret’s senior thesis short film at N.Y.U., which Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment backed with surprise funding.

Taking the knowledge Derek had gained concerning many aspects of the film industry, Derek moved forward and founded MorseCode Productions in 2004. Derek started MorseCode in order to have more creative control of the projects that he worked on and is involved with. Through MorseCode, Derek produced & directed the short film "Counting to Infinity" and the feature length documentary " Indecision -What it Once Meant "

MorseCode Recordings was born in DEC of the bitterly cold winter of 2010