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We are Most Precious Blood. We are a hardcore band.

Vocals: Rob Fusco
Guitar: Justin Brannan
Guitar: Rachel Rosen
Drums: Colin
Bass: Matty Miller

No one means more to New York City than Most Precious Blood and nothing is more important to Most Precious Blood than being from New York City. This band is carrying Gotham City Hardcore into the next generation.

From their lyrics and music straight down to their stark black and white aesthetics, you know where Most Precious Blood is from and where they stand. Their take-no-shit work ethic has become notorious and remains unparalleled. They are frighteningly focused and their touring schedule would even make Black Flag shudder.

Most Precious Blood began in Brooklyn, New York during the summer of 2000 as a continuation of recently imploded Indecision; the former band of founding members Justin Brannan and Rachel Rosen. But as years went by, Most Precious Blood became its own animal with a new vision. MPB have created a unique style, which joins the intensity and rage of their NYHC mentors (Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front and the Cro-Mags) along with the dark and depressing aesthetics of bands like Sisters of Mercy and The Cure. Haunting melodies and heavier-than-gravity riffs have become Most Precious Blood's modus operandi.

Most Precious Blood pride themselves on being musicians, which to them means being a fan of all styles of music. "As a musician I can find something to appreciate in just about any style you can throw at me". MPB have always worn their influences on their sleeves and have always preached the importance of knowing and embracing your "roots". "Our Lady" gives musical nods to everyone from Sick Of It All to Bauhaus, so listen close.

The band is now better than ever with Rob Fusco (ex- One King Down) on vocals. Rob joined the band in early 2003. Rob's unbridled energy and passion is a perfect fit for this band that was already boiling over with intensity.

The members of MPB are dedicated to their craft and still embrace a real hands on DIY ethic, an ethic they grew up on. Justin designs and Rachel screens most of the bands t-shirts, runs the bands website, she also plays in an all girl hardcore/metal band called the Wage of Sin, when she's not busy doing that, she spends time at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner doing autopsies in NYC. The band is involved with PETA and the ASPCA, distributing literature at their shows and spreading the message. Guitarist Justin has played in NYHC bands since he was 14 years old, when MPB isn't touring Justin is voicing commercials for radio stations in NYC. Vocalist Rob Fusco left his job as a chess instructor before joining Most Precious Blood. -