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The May 4th Massacre "All Guilty CD" MCR-002

This new Delaware hardcore band was literally born into the hardcore and metal scene. Musically it is a mix of brutality and beauty with lyrics ranging from tender-hearted to politically savvy. These guys definitely have something to say and that's been missing for a long time in this genre.

Great drumming, technical guitars and throaty screaming mix with tender heart on your sleeve vocals and create songs that are both catchy and mosh-inducing. Features the sons of Nate and Josh of Boy Sets Fire.

Produced and engineered by Joshua Latshaw (Boy Sets Fire), Dean Baltulonis (Most Precious Blood, Sick of it All, Desperate Measures, The Bouncing Souls) and Derek Morse.


  1. The Chaos
  2. Slayerfest 2012
  3. Traitors
  4. Flags of Separation
  5. Godfather X
  6. The Warning
  7. Forever Isn't Always
  8. Tales
  9. Blind Faith
  10. Tetrodotoxin Makes You Stronger...
  11. Frustration of Purpose
  12. The Fault
  13. All Guilty

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