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The Groucho Marxists - "Manifesto!" CD/LP

The New Brunswick NJ music scene has always been a bizarre amalgamation of disenfranchised punk rockers, ornery skinheads, weirdo goth folk, freaked-out college kids and directionless hippies. This is fertile musical ground when you can find a niche and defend it to the death. So goes the classic tale told by the members of THE GROUCHO MARXISTS. All members of previous local musical endeavors, the story woven by the Marxists isn’t all that different than that of millions of musicians worldwide. You’ve heard the saga before: cool local band gaining momentum suddenly derailed by inner-band turmoil and a plethora of outside pressures. This is a story THE GROUCHO MARXISTS would like to forget and never hear again. Chris Gobo Pierce had spent nearly ten years zig-zagging across the country with his numerous bands (DOC HOPPER, THE A.G.’s, SINKHOLE, DEADGUY) until he came to rest in New Brunswick back in 1996, where he found a comfortable community to plant his punk rock roots. He played with more than a few local combos like THE STUNTCOCKS, CASANOVACANE, THE SLOW WIRE, and eventually made a name for himself with his altruistic and occasionally elitist recording ethic at his own Technical Ecstasy Studio. Now all he needed was a few other musicians to fully realize his musical dream. Then it all came together shortly after it all fell apart. Doc Hopper played their final shows in the fall of 2002, but since Pierce was the only musical engine in the band, he had a song backlog nearly as long as his discography. The obvious decision: time for a new vehicle for his hyper-active power pop. Enter the rest of the Marxists bozos… Austin ands Brian were playing in Mach 7-era STUNTCOCKS and recording the ‘debut’ CD when they approached Pierce about doing another band.


  1. Season Opener
  2. The Other End
  3. Yeah Yeah Yeah
  4. I Just Wanna Hold You
  5. New Favorite Enemey
  6. Come Monday
  7. Hey Janeane
  8. She Don't Go Down
  9. Fun & Games
  10. The President is Out to Get Her
  11. Classic Example of Lousy Timing
  12. Was That So Hard?