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RAINDANCE "New Blood" 12"

Fused together from the spoils of HAVE HEART, OUTRAGE and THE MILES BETWEEN, New England-based RAINDANCE is here to take over the world, or destroy it in the process. Formed in March of 2011 and boasting a sound akin to what it must sound like to be run over by an 18-wheeler, RAINDANCE combines frantic hardcore with bone-crushing heavy rock and roll to create a sound very much their own. Drawing influence from all the best parts of CONVERGE, EVERY TIME I DIE, BLACKLISTED and DISEMBODIED, the band’s newest release, NEW
BLOOD, is a must listen for any fan of no-holds-barred heavy music.

Recorded by Jay Maas at The Getaway Group (DEFEATER, NO TRIGGER, HAVE HEART), NEW BLOOD is 6 songs of brutal intensity. Frontman Sean O’Brien’s unique vocal style ranges from eerie, layered spoken delivery to a vicious, venom-soaked roar. His lyrics bear grim images such as these - from Dine With the Devil, a less-than-positive examination of the music industry: shove your tongue right down my throat / taste the blood from these rusty notes / black tied love affairs / cocaine and electric chairs. Clocking in at just over twenty minutes, NEW BLOOD is a perfect introduction to RAINDANCE for new listeners, and is sure to please old fans as well.

Pressing Information

-100 Red
-200 Pink
-200 Purple

Release Date: October 30, 2012