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Three Ways Till Tuesday DMR 01

Brian Misenti- Guitar/Vocals
Chris Grosso- Guitar - groundzero, cable, mouthfullofshotgun, stillwell
Chris Worthington- Bass
Andy Nelson- Drums - groundzero, wrench in the works, call it arson, life in your way

From the 2001 S/T release on Common Ground / D-Monic Records

1 One
2 Every Sunday
3 Expensive Sympathy
4 Your Other Left
5 Last Call

by Tim Den: Lollipop

Three Ways Till Tuesday, incidentally, reminds me a lot of another band with a name borrowed from a day in the week: Thursday. Lots of heavy guitars, palm-muted arpeggios, and decent vocal lines captured pretty well in a driving and crunchy format. It's rare to hear such a nicely recorded debut from a band not many know of. For fans of stuff like Boy Sets Fire and King For A Day.
(PO Box 1583 North Hampton, NH 03862)

Pressing Information

Common Ground - 500 CDs
D-Monic Records - 1000 CDs