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Old Flings " Spite " 12' ( First Pressing )

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--This is a split release from Self Aware Records & Bitter Melody Records

This is the from the FIRST pressing of the record. I have only a handful of black vinyl left. .

Travis Hollifield (Forget Me) and Jordan Luff (Campaign 1984, ex Just Die!) hold down bass and drums respectively and definitely add another dimension into the life of Matt's already rad songs. I can't express how awesome this record sounds!!!

Some of the tracks present on this release are rerecorded and reinvisioned from the demo tape. The new versions kick a lot of ass and don't make you feel like it is a retread in anyway.

The new tracks for the LP tear your heart, mind and ears to shred. The Samiam and Texas Is the Reason comparisons are still strong here but I feel like some Dinosaur, Jr. and just general guitar shreddage has been added to the mix.

If you liked Old Flings before then you will love this. The recording is amazing, this is one of those records that WILL change the way you think about things.

Pressing Information

100 red
200 black

Second Press 200 clear vinyl