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THE WRONG SIDE - Dumptruck Demo 7" 2nd PRESSING

Finally available on vinyl, the original recordings of The Wrong Side. Originally released in 2003 as the DUMP TRUCK - Feelin' Good Demo cassette on Lockin' Out Records. Before the name change, before the full length on Stillborn...there were 4 raw tracks recorded at Dead Air Studios reflecting their NYHC influences with a modern twist. The B - Side contains live songs from United Blood Fest 2008. The Wrong Side featured members of MENTAL, DOWN BUT NOT OUT, RIGHTEOUS JAMS and MIND ERASER. For fans of STRAIGHT AHEAD, CRO-MAGS and WRECKING CREW. LIMITED AMOUNT OF CLEAR VINYL FOR MAIL ORDER ONLY!


  1. Suckerpunched
  2. Facing Up
  3. Feelin' Good
  4. Scum Of The Earth
  5. Feeding Time At The Zoo
  6. A War Of Words
  7. When The Ink Leaves Your Fist
  8. Hangman's Noose